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Surprising Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016
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Enlargement using Implants or Fat Transfer

If you’re like a lot of women, the thought of getting breast implants – known as breast enlargement surgery – can be both scary yet exciting at the same time. These feelings are perfectly natural, of course. Surgery is not a minor decision, and you’ll be changing your body shape and the way you look. The good news, however, is that out of the millions of people who undergo life-changing breast augmentation procedures each year (in Australia and around the world), from 95 to 98 percent of women say the results of breast enlargement surgery MEET or EXCEED their expectations.  That’s a pretty high satisfaction rate!

Even more than 50 years after the first breast augmentation surgery took place, it still remains the most common surgical procedures requested among women, according to numerous studies about which surgeries are popular.  But the implants themselves – and how they are placed in the breast area – have come a long way as well. You now have choices in where the incision is made (transaxillary or armpit area or under the breast in the inframmary fold), what type of implant to choose (silicone or saline, different sizes and even different profiles or ‘projection’ options), and who to help you have your Augmentation.

Not all Surgeons are equal, so please be sure you understand the differences between a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon, and other doctors who may perform cosmetic procedures but not be FRACS, ISAPS or ASAPS qualified.

Whatever your reasons might be for wanting breast implants and larger or more shapely breasts and cleavage, studies have shown that the surgery does much more than just increase a patient’s bust size.

Breast Enlargement Surgery: Some potential additional benefits of Breast Augmentation using implants

  1. Improved self-confidence due to higher personal satisfaction with body proportions

According to Clinical Psychological Science, plastic surgery, including breast augmentation surgery, was potentially linked to higher self-esteem. The research also reported that patients were happier with their bodies as a whole, not just the area on which they had work done. As the popular saying goes, when you look good, you feel good.  Other studies might show that some patients, who may suffer from a poor body image or unrealistic expectations, might not have higher self esteem, so it’s important to discuss your expectations about what surgery can – and cannot – do for you, in detail, with your Surgeon.

  1. Increased satisfaction with sex life: breast augmentation and what some couples say in relation to how it impacts relationships

Before we discuss this sensitive issue, it’s important to once again to remind you that EVERYONE is different.  Every person is different and every relationship dynamic is unique.

No two people will have identical responses to something like a breast augmentation surgery, and neither will two couples have the same response.

How does body image or body satisfaction impact a relationship or intimacy (sex)?

How we feel about our bodies DOES, however, often impact how we feel about intimacy with a partner.  Our body satisfaction or body-esteem impacts how we feel about ourselves AND often how we feel about our physical interactions with another person.

So can breast enlargement surgery change how you feel about your body AND your sex life, or your experience of your own sexuality?

Our bodies and how we feel about them do influence our intimate moments in some ways, at least, for most of us.

If you believe what you read in consumer forums written by real patients who have had breast enlargement surgery, it is possible that your sex life may go from somewhat stale or non-existent to ‘re-awakened’ following your breast augmentation surgery. There are zero guarantees that anything will change (other than needing to buy a more supportive, bigger bra cup size) – but many patients report increased feelings of sexuality and attractiveness, which impacts their intimate relationships and romantic life (for some, not all). At least, that’s according to some of the most popular plastic surgery consumer websites and surveys that attract hundreds of thousands of people who want to share their experience to help others with decision making., for example, is an online community for patients to share experiences and learn about the cosmetic and plastic surgeries and treatments of others.  This site states that 61 percent of those surveyed had sex more frequently after their breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. Meanwhile, 70 percent of respondents said their overall sex life satisfaction improved after undergoing one of these procedures.  With patients seen in our Clinics, we hear this a lot – that the patients feel SO good about themselves and their newly enhanced bodies, that they find they act more confidently in their lives, including in their intimate relationships. The main thing to consider, however, is that you should ONLY have surgery for yourself – never to please or to attract another person. Surgery is serious, and must only be chosen for you and by you, for yourself. It might be chosen based on how you believe it will help you feel about how you look – all of which is linked to confidence.  But it should not be chosen if you have unrealistic expectations or expect it to change your ENTIRE life.  It’s not a cure all, in other words, and you’ll need to keep your expectations realistic about what impact breast enlargement  may have on your overall quality of life and day to day existence.

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  1. Improved social life after getting breast implants? It may be possible.

If you have small, tubular breasts or asymmetrical breasts, you might find it can leave you feeling less secure than others, or a bit shy; it may even leave you less likely to engage socially.  Following breast augmentation surgery with implants, a lot of patients note on consumer forums that they experience a surge in confidence during social encounters with including with friends, or even meeting new people including on dating sites.  Many women find having higher body confidence tends to give them a new outlook on life. So many women enjoy a boost in their self-image, and the boost in self-image boosts their social confidence as well as their relationship confidence  – a boost that can come in handy when meeting new people.

  1. Better balanced figure: body balance and physique harmony can be achieved with breast enlargement surgery.

Breast augmentation/breast enlargement surgery can often help women of nearly all ages achieve a more balanced figure, by producing fuller, firmer breasts that project outward.  A larger chest-size can also create the illusion of a smaller, slimmer waist, although the torso dimensions may have an impact on how the augmentation interacts in terms of the harmony of the overall physique. That’s why planning before surgery is so important, and why you want an experienced Surgeon such as Dr Geoff Barnett (to read more about Dr Barnett click here), who specialises in natural looking BALANCED breast enlargement surgeries – in other word,  ensuring you get the OVERALL look you want, not just an enlargement without proper measurements and pre-surgery planning.

As a result, some patients who do have breast surgery may even look as if they’ve lost weight, because their waist may be more defined in contrast to the new curves on the chest area.  It depends on torso proportions and overall weight, of course.



  1. Increased feeling of youthfulness – women of ALL ages have been known to seek breast implants

    It’s not uncommon for women in their 50s or above to get their first augmentation surgery and enjoy having fuller, firmer breasts again (some may need a Breast Lift, ask Dr Geoff Barnett about the lift versus implants only ‘arm raise’ test for breast ptosis).

Unfortunately, sagging breast skin and drooping breasts are an inescapable process of ageing. Most, if not all, women will eventually experience their nipples pointing ‘downwards’ at some point in their life’s journey.

When these undesirable breast changes occur, it can make a woman feel a bit older than she actually is, in terms of biological age.

Having children and breastfeeding also isn’t always kind to breast tissues, and can leave the breasts looking baggy or saggy.

Breast augmentation, sometimes combined with a breast lift, can correct droopiness and restore firmness, shape and ‘situational poise’ to the breast area.  You’ll end up with firmer, perkier or more voluptuous breasts if you have an augmentation or a lift, or both, depending on what your Surgeon believes you need in terms of skin laxity, existing breast tissue, and what size and shape you feel will suit you best.

Along with feeling younger with less-saggy breasts, a lot of women seem to believe they feel more feminine, too, with breasts or cleavage that appears more shapely. 

  1. Ability to wear new or different clothes

Prior to getting breast implants, many women simply do not feel comfortable with form-fitting tops, swimsuits, spaghetti straps or low-cut blouses. However, for a lot of women that feeling of insecurity disappears following the procedure. In fact, one of the biggest advantages to breast augmentation surgery is generally the amazing wardrobe change that occurs after the recovery is complete.

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  1. Potentially increased opportunities

While perhaps considered to be mostly superficial, appearance actually matters more than you might think. Even research in Psychology Today suggests that a person’s physical appearance plays a significant factor in whether he or she is hired, compensated and promoted.

A person’s attractiveness can also impact his or her social life, too. Research suggests that people perceived as more attractive, often tend to make friends much easier than unattractive people (although it might just be they feel more confident and are more engaged or engaging because they have appearance confidence and lack shyness).

So will being happier withing your body, or physique, change your personality?  You’ll still be you, only likely a bit more confident and hopefully appearance-content.

To some degree, it might change how you interact with the world, however, in the sense that if you are a bit shy, you may suddenly find you’re a little bit less shy and more extroverted or assertive in social situations.

There are no guarantees it will change your interactions, however, and you certainly can’t expect surgery to be a cure all for life’s problems. Yet it makes sense that if you do become more confident and gain more friends because of your confidence, then your extended networks might, in turn, lead to additional career opportunities or the ability to meet more people or potential partners.

But confidence is a multi-faceted measure, and whether any kind of breast surgery will improve your confidence is something that may or may not occur – remember, every one is different; but many women DO report feeling a confidence boost with their new breasts after getting breast enlargement surgery with implants.

  1. Improved posture after breast enlargement surgery

A 2012 study examined postural changes in patients following breast augmentation surgery and concluded that some patients did, in fact, improve their posture following surgery.

The reason why isn’t exactly clear, though. It could be because some breast augmentation patients naturally pay more attention to their posture following surgery, making a point to stand tall with a sense of pride over their new figure.

Breast Plastic Surgeons often note the same postural improvements with breast reduction surgery patients (i.e., better posture). So it may be that when YOU feel body-proud and body confident about your chest area or bra cup size, you suddenly stop scrunching over in an attempt to hide that area or draw attention away from that part of your body.

Can Breast Enlargement Surgery Change Your Life? There are no guarantees, but many women enjoy having fuller, firmer breasts and noticeable cleavage.

It’s really up to you and what you expect from it as to how much breast implants change your life.

It’s important to keep your expectations realistic, but many women DO report a surge in confidence, fashion choices and appearance-esteem after having plastic or cosmetic surgery. This is especially true if they get a good result that is still natural looking and harmonious with their overall body proportions.

Are you a woman who is unhappy with her breasts? Perhaps, they’re too small, they sag or are very asymmetrical? Or are they tuberous?Plastic Surgeon Melbourne - Breast Augmentation Benefits

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