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Before and After Photos – Arm Reduction Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Before and After Photos – Arm Reduction Surgery (Brachioplasty) by leading Plastic Surgeon, Dr Geoff Barnett

Arm Reduction Surgery is very popular for men and women who feel self-conscious about ‘batwing’ arms or ‘tuck shop’ arms, common Australian descriptions for arms that have excess fat and skin along the triceps area.

After Surgery, when the arms are by the patient’s side, the scars are usually not visible, but even with raised arms, the scars tend to fade a lot during the recovery period.  Plus, at our Hawthorn location, we now offer FRAXEL scar minimisation treatments included with your surgery.

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Example Before & After Photos of a patient who had arm reduction surgery, technically known as “Bilateral Brachioplasty Surgery.”

We have more photos of arm reduction surgery and body contouring procedure results – and are happy to show you additional photographs during your consultation with Dr Barnett.

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