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Pre-Operative Information

Pre Admission Information

Once you have confirmed a surgical date for your procedure with Dr Barnett, you will then receive additional information regarding the hospital you will be attending. You will also be required to complete a series of forms, which you will need to send to the hospital prior to your surgery.

Dr Barnett’s Practice Manager will discuss with you all of the important information you will need in preparation for your hospital admission. You will receive detailed information outlining;

  • Date and Time of your hospital admission
  • Specific instructions you must follow. This includes instructions about fasting and any medication you may be taking
  • Your anticipated length of stay.
  • Anticipated surgical costs discussed with Dr Barnett’s Practice Manager.

At the time of admission, the hospital may also discuss your insurance status and personal details and a registered nurse may discuss with you any special needs, medical conditions and confirmation of pick-up and overnight arrangements if required.


Prior to surgery, Dr Barnett will discuss with you any important instructions regarding any medication you may be taking.

It important that you fully discuss with Dr Barnett any blood thinning medications you may be prescribed. This includes Aspirin, Cartia, Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix, Asasantin, Iscover and Persantin and some anti-inflammatory drugs and any vitamins or naturopathic supplements.


If you have any history of allergies to any medications, anaesthetic agents, ointments, tapes or foods you should inform Dr Barnett pre-operatively.


For anaesthetic safety you must not have anything to eat or drink at least 4-6 hours prior to your surgery. The admission information provided by the hospital will specify what time you are to start fasting.

It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully; if not it may be necessary to postpone your surgery.

What to Bring With You

  • A list of all current medications
    (or bring these with you in their original packaging if staying overnight)
  • Relevant X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound &/or MRI scans
  • Medicare Card, Pension details (including Veteran’s affairs details)
  • Contact number for the person taking you home
  • Magazines/books
  • Work cover or TAC information
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • A change of clothes/pyjamas/toiletries if you are staying in hospital
  • Specialised garments you are required to wear post operatively

Dr Barnett will discuss this with if required.

Do not bring any valuable items such as jewellery with you to the hospital. Jewellery you are wearing may need to be removed or taped prior to surgery. Arrange for your support person to look after any valuables if necessary.

Hospital Admission Day

On admission day, you will be seen by your anaesthetist and Dr Barnett prior to surgery. Dr Barnett will again outline the operation and mark all surgical sites accordingly. Should you have any last minute questions ask Dr  Barnett at this time. You will also be asked to confirm what procedures you are to undergo.

A relative or support person is welcome to accompany you on the day. He/she will be able to stay with you up until your transfer to the operating theatre.


After your surgical procedure, your surgeon will transfer  you to the recovery area. You may still be under sedation at this stage. It is normal to remain in recovery for around 30-60 minutes until you are stable after waking from the anaesthetic.

It is normal to have some throat discomfort after a general anaesthetic. This will resolve in 24 hrs.

Dr Barnett may see you in recovery once you are awake if you are having a day procedure. If you are staying overnight in hospital Dr Barnett will see you within 24 hours of your surgery.

After your recovery from the anesthetic, Dr Barnett with discharge you home if your surgery is a day procedure. Otherwise, you will be taken to the hospital ward for overnight care.

You must ensure that you have a responsible adult staying with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Discharge & Review Appointment

Prior to discharge, Dr Barnett provides you with a post operative information sheet detailing specific instructions and follow-up appointments. You will need to attend Dr Barnett’s rooms approximately 5-7 days after your surgery. Pathology results will be available at this appointment.

It is important to note that you must not drive, drink alcohol or operate heavy machinery during the first 24 hours after a general anaesthetic.

Please note that Dr Barnett is also available 24 hours on call. You can contact him via his rooms on (03) 9819 2031

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