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Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

Male Breast Reduction Surgery for Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia may be a psychological embarrassment for some males. They feel unable to show their body whether it be in close fitting clothing or when naked. This restricts their ability to carry our physical activities including gym and swimming.

The most common procedure is to reduce the breasts using liposuction alone however on occasions excision of breast tissue and/or skin reduction is required.

Gynaecomastia: Male Breast Reduction Surgery for ‘Man Boobs’ or Moobs

Are you:

  • Embarrassed by having ‘man boobs’ (puffy-looking breast tissue)?
  • Hesitant or unwilling to wear tight fitting clothing for fear your breasts or nipples will protrude?
  • Fearful of being teased about having protruding breast tissues or a fatty-looking chest area?
male breast puffy


Gynaecomastia – the appearance of protruding breast tissue – may be a psychological embarrassment for some males

Does having a puffy-looking chest or protruding breast tissue leave you:

  • feeling uncomfortable wearing tight fitting shirts?
  • reluctant to go topless during summer?
  • hesitant to engage in intimacy out of fear of being teased?
  • avoiding the gym because you don’t want your chest or ‘man boobs’ to be seen?

Gynecomastia (Gynaecomastia) is a common problem that many men are now seeking surgical treatment to remedy.

Men with protruding breast tissues (technically called “gynecomastia”)

  • may feel unable to show their body whether it be in close-fitting clothing or when naked
  • feel embarrassed by their body
  • may find protruding breast tissue restricts physical activities such as going to the gym or swimming
  • often avoid intimacy
  • cover up their bodies even when it’s over 40 degrees in summer

Liposuction or Surgery as part of Male Breast Reduction (Moobs Reduction Surgery for Men)



Gynecomastia: If having the appearance of “male boobs” is bothering you, Male Breast Reduction Surgery can help!

The most common procedure is to reduce male breasts and help re-contour the upper body for men is liposuction.

However, for some men, excision of breast tissue and/or skin reduction is required (alone or in combination with Liposuction).

We will be happy to tell you more about the procedure and get you started on your surgical journey towards a more masculine-looking chest by reducing protruding breast tissues through precision surgical and liposuction techniques.

If you’re embarrassed or troubled by having protruding breast tissue and want a flatter, firmer upper chest area, send am enquiry form today or phone us confidentially on (03) 8849 1467.



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