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Breast Lift – Mastopexy Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery – Mastopexy in Melbourne Victoria

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnett performs Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Surgeries in accredited hospital in Melbourne, using a top Surgical Team and experienced Anaesthetists for best-practice patient care.

If your breasts or nipples appear saggy, empty or pointing more towards your toes than you’d like, the formal name for your condition is breast ptosis or ptotic breast tissues. A Breast Lift surgery procedure can be a good solution for sagging breasts.  A complex procedure, breast lifts can be combined with a breast reduction (if large heavy breasts are causing you back, neck or shoulder pain and other discomforts) or augmentation (with implants, such as if you miss having fuller breasts or have always wanted a bigger cup size or better cleavage).  It can also be performed alone.  If you are wanting a breast lift procedure (or combined breast surgery and tummy tuck body contouring surgery), Dr Barnett can help.  He is a highly experienced Specialist breast surgeon, including for Trans-axillary Breast Augmentation (armpit incisions for patients who scar more readily than most patients); as well as a leading Breast Lift, Breast Reduction Surgeon.  Dr Geoff Barnett is a breast surgery specialist with over 25 years experience in performing natural-looking breast surgeries from breast augmentation to Trans-axillary Augmentation (Asian Breast Enlargement) to breast reduction surgery to breast lifts.

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Other cosmetic surgery focus areas for Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnett include Facelifts, Neck lifts and Belt Lipectomy procedures or ‘body lift’ tummy tucks or back and arm fat reduction (ideal for post-weight loss patients who have redundant skin).

Am I a candidate for a Breast Lift?

Women of all ages seek breast lift surgery when they feel their breasts have too much ptosis (droopiness) or collagen and volume loss.

It really depends on so many factors – the degree of drooping, how you feel about your breasts over time with changes relating to ageing, gravity or child-rearing, and how your skin is behaving in terms of collagen loss or volume changes.  If you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight (or had Bariatric surgery) you may also be a good candidate for a breast lift surgery.

It can help to plan when to have your surgery so you can take time off to heal properly and recovery from the procedure – so book a consultation to learn more about what the downtime and healing period might be for you after your breast lift or breast lift with implants surgery.

Read my team’s blog on how to know when it may be time for your breast lift surgery.

What you can expect from a properly performed Mastopexy/Breast Lift Surgery

  • A Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Surgery can help restore a more youthful appearance to your breast contours and breast shape
  • During a Breast Lift procedure, your Surgeon will re-position your nipples to a more central location on the breasts, which can improve their appearance
  • Your Nipples can also be resized and reshaped; Asymmetry of the breasts can also be remedied (a more complex plastic surgery procedure)
  • After being given a more uplifted position on your chest, your breasts and cleavage may appear firmer and look better in bras, swimwear and other clothing

Breast lift surgery is very popular for women who have had children, breastfed, lost a lot of weight through bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes – and women who have reached their 40s and 50s and are unhappy with seeing the long-term effects of gravity on their breasts.

Women who have a breast lift often feel a restored sense of upper body attractiveness, breast balance and femininity.

What can you potentially gain from choosing a Breast Lift procedure?

Women who have had breast lift surgery often report high satisfaction ratings in consumer online forums, primarily because they prefer the firmer, uplifted appearance of their breasts (it is more a restorative surgery than an augmentation but enlargement at the same time as a breast lift is also a common request).

Every patient is unique, however, keep in mind that surgery results can vary from patient to patient.  What you start with before surgery – in terms of your breast tissues, breast ptosis (droopiness), your skin resiliency and lifestyle choices – will all have an impact on your Breast Lift results.

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Before & After Photos of Breast Lift Surgery by Dr Barnett

Patient Before & After Breast Lift Photos available in our clinics – ask for a consultation or to visit with Dr Barnett’s Patient Care Advisors or Nurse.

We have many Before and After Mastopexy Photos in our Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hawthorn, which can be viewed by appointment (free with a nurse or for a consultation fee if with Dr Barnett Directly).  You can also ask what photos we have available on our website.

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The Breast Lift Procedure

  • During a Mastopexy or breast lift, your Plastic Surgeon adjusts the size of the skin envelope of the breasts
  • Breast Lift Surgery is often warranted when your breasts or nipples are sagging below your inframammary fold (IMF)
  • This often means your ‘breast envelope’ is too big (or has become elongated) in relation to your existing breast contents, resulting in breasts that appear saggy, empty or stretched out+

Dr Geoff Barnett is one of Melbourne’s leading Breast Surgery Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

  • Dr Geoff Barnett is a fully qualified, Australian trained FRACS Plastic Surgeon with over 3 decades of experience in Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Procedures.
  • Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery, Asian Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation Surgery and Breast Reduction Surgery have been one of the key focus areas of his Cosmetic Surgery practice.
  • In addition to breast surgery expertise, Dr Barnett is also well regarded for performing Round Block facial rejuvenation surgeries and Rhinoplasty procedures.
  • His location is convenient for cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery patients from suburbs all around Victoria, particularly the inner east, Bayside, inner north, outer north and CBD areas.

Please send us an enquiry form or phone us on (03) 8849 1467 to schedule your breast plastic surgery consultation with Dr Barnett in Hawthorn East.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnett’s Clinic is conveniently located for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery patients living or working in Melbourne and Inner Eastern, Eastern and Bayside suburbs.

Dr Barnett works out of a beautiful, Federation style Clinic in Hawthorn East, with plenty of FREE parking on-site or on the street. It is also a 10-minute walk from Auburn Station or from Camberwell Station if you prefer taking public transport.

The practice is convenient to Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery patients from Camberwell, Kew, Toorak, Richmond, South Yarra, Hawthorn, Auburn, Balwyn, Deepdene, Bentleigh, Beaumaris, Brighton, Glenferrie, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Sandringham, and the Melbourne CBD.

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