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Body Contouring: Is Your Bariatric Surgery Weight Goal Realistic?

Posted on: August 8th, 2016
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Is Your Bariatric Surgery Weight Goal Realistic?

Preparing for Body Contouring Surgery (by Melbourne Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons for Skin Reduction)

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Deciding on bariatric surgery is a big step, and it shows you are truly committed to your health.

Your dreams of what you CAN do with your life often come flooding back to you when you know you will soon be 25, 35 or even 70 to 80 kilos slimmer.

 Bariatric Surgery reduces improves health, reduces disease risks and increases longevity

Bariatric surgery often eliminates some other medical problems such as diabetes (Type 2), joint pain from extra weight on the joints, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and reflux.

That’s a lot of great benefits from Bariatric Surgery.

Body lift surgeon

But how do you know how much weight you will lose with the Bariatric Surgery?

The answer is that it will vary depending on the TYPE of Bariatric surgical procedure that is being performed by your Surgeon.

It’s very important that your body weight goals are REALISTIC, with or without the assistance of a life-changing Obesity treatment procedures such as gastric sleeves or gastric banding.


Let’s say that you weigh 400 pounds or 181.8 kilos. The percentages are based on the type of surgery you will have done.

Here’s a Gastric Surgery Weight Loss chart to help you decide on what your weight goal will be:


Your Present Weight           Type of Bariatric Surgery  How Much You’ll Lose

400 lbs – 181.8 kilos                Gastric band surgery               <200 lbs or 90.9 kilos

Sleeve gastric surgery            <240 lbs or 109.09 kilos

Gastric bypass surgery           <280 lbs or 127.27 kilos


375 lbs – 170.4 kilos                Gastric band surgery               <187.5 lbs or 85.22 kilos

Sleeve gastric surgery            <225 lbs or 102.27 kilos

Gastric bypass surgery           <262.50 lbs or 119.32 kilos
350 lbs – 159.09 kilos             Gastric band surgery               <175 lbs or 79.22 kilos

Sleeve gastric surgery            <210 lbs or 95.45 kilos

Gastric bypass surgery           <245 lbs or 111.36 kilos


300 lbs – 136.36 kilos             Gastric band surgery               <150 lbs or 68.18 kilos

Sleeve gastric surgery            <180 lbs or 81.8 kilos

Gastric bypass surgery           <200 lbs or 95.45 kilos



Oh, but the Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Banding or Gastric Sleeves) Weight Loss chart above can be very misleading!

For example, does it mean that if you presently weigh 250 lbs or 113.63 kilos, you will lose 175 pounds (79.54 kilos) and only weigh 75 pounds (34.09 kg)?

How could that possibly be healthy?

 If you use this chart without understanding the general rule, you might erroneously talk yourself into believing that you’ll soon be in a size 6 to 10 pants size AFTER your surgery.

So you want to fully understand the genuine weight loss prospects and not fall pray to idealistic illusions of what Gastric weight loss surgery CAN, and CANNOT, accomplish.



General Rule for Calculating Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Sleeves or Gastric Banding Surgery)

Remember that the general rule is that 70% of excess weight is lost with gastric bypass surgery and 60% with sleeve gastric surgery and 50% with gastric band surgery.

The key thing to remember here is that the percentage is OF EXCESS WEIGHT, not of your total body weight.

BMI after gastric banding surgery; bariatric gastric sleeve surgeon melbourne


If it was for your total body weight, that would mean you would lose bone weight, muscle weight, and connective tissue weight – of which you need all three of these to be healthy.

Thus, the real key is to know your ideal body weightIt’s always based on Body Mass Index, and there are readily available charts for this.

You should calculate the percentages after you subtract your ideal body weight from your present body weight.

This way your ideal body weight includes bone weight, muscle weight and connective tissue weight needed to be healthy.



Let’s revisit the calculation again from the proper perspective so you can be very realistic about what type of weight loss to expect from your bariatric surgery.


Amount You Want to Lose Type of Surgery                      How Much You’ll Lose

200 pounds                                  Gastric band surgery               100 pounds – 45.45 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            120 pounds – 54.54 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           140 pounds – 63.63 kg


180 pounds                                  Gastric band surgery               90 pounds – 40.90 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            108 pounds – 45.45 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           126 pounds – 57.27 kg


150 pounds                                  Gastric band surgery               75 pounds – 34.09 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            90 pounds – 40.9 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           105 pounds – 47.72 kg


125 pounds                                  Gastric band surgery               62.5 pounds – 28.4 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            75 pounds – 31.81 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           87.5 pounds – 39.77 kg


100 pounds                                  Gastric band surgery               50 pounds – 22.72 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            60 pounds – 27.27 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           70 pounds – 31.81 kg


75 pounds                                    Gastric band surgery               37.5 pounds – 17 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            45 pounds – 20.45 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           52.5 pounds – 23.86 kg


50 pounds                                    Gastric band surgery               25 pounds – 11.36 kg

Sleeve gastric surgery            30 pounds – 13.63 kg

Gastric bypass surgery           35 pounds – 15.9 kg


Now this chart makes a lot more sense.

But the next question is this: what if you won’t be satisfied with 11 to 16 kg of excess body weight?

What if you really want to lose far more?



More weight loss is possible, but you have to do it BEFORE your Gastric surgery.

This is why these surgeries are scheduled months prior – to give you enough time to reach your weight goal, knowing full well the 50-60-70% rule of weight loss after bariatric surgery.



Be smart about your expectations for weight loss AFTER Bariatric Surgery.

You will lose a lot of weight, but you’ll want to keep expectations realistic and you WILL need to change your lifestyle.

Stay Realistic about Weight loss AFTER your Gastric Surgery



Keep in mind that post-surgery weight change still takes time and effort.

You won’t necessarily look like a super-fit version of your former self, you may look like you’ve lost a lot of volume but still have indistinguishable body contours. This occurs because the skin has stretched, and areas that have overly-stretched skin folds and excess fat tissue are still likely to be quite noticeable.

Fortunately, body contouring surgery is an option to help redefine your body shape.

Before BODY CONTOURING SURGERY procedures by Dr Geoff Barnett, Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Multiple Staged Procedures



After BODY CONTOURING SURGERIES by Melbourne Plastic Surgeon Dr Geoff Barnett

Multiple Staged Procedures













Bariatric Surgery isn’t a ‘cure’ for Obesity, it’s simply an effective treatment option for eligible patients.

You’ll have to adapt your lifestyle after Gastric Surgery and your Bariatric Surgeon will discuss this with you in great detail.  It can help to have good counseling and nutritional support as you adapt your eating and exercise regimes as you release the weight.

Even after a significant weight change, your body STILL may not be what you’re hoping it will look like.

Why is having a post-bariatric surgery body an issue for most patients?  It’s a concern for many patients as – even though the body size has significantly diminished – you’ll likely end up with excess skin and residual excess body fat in certain places – that’s what Body Contouring surgery can help with.

And yes, it’s going to take a little work on your part before the surgery, as well as getting used to the changes after surgery. But you can do it.

We know it’s a challenge to get your weight down – especially losing that extra last bit of weight.

So send an enquiry form or phone us during Clinic Hours and schedule an appointment with Dr Geoff Barnett, an empathetic, caring and helpful Plastic Surgeon.

Facelift Plastic Surgeon - Round Block FaceliftSpecialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnett can help walk you through some options for getting your weight down and progressing through your body transformation. First with Gastric Sleeve Surgery or Gastric Banding (or a different Bariatric Procedure) then with excess skin reduction and liposuction for body contouring.

Being fully informed is always important, and being motivated can come from some surprising places – but when you see Dr Barnett’s patients’ before and after body contouring surgery images, you’ll be inspired to get your own physique further along the journey to healthier living and improved body contours.

Dr Geoff Barnett is a leading Body Contouring Surgeon in Melbourne.

Send an enquiry form today or phone us on (03) 8849 1467 for further details or to schedule a confidential consultation including how you can best prepare your self for the journey of bariatric surgery, weight loss and body reshaping surgery.