Is No Scar Arm Lift Surgery possible? Dr Geoff Barnett
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Is No Scar Arm Lift Surgery Possible?

Posted on: June 6th, 2020

‘No Scar’ Arm Lift Surgery technique for saggy arms

How Plastic Surgeon Dr Geoff Barnett helps to minimise your arm lift scars (no visible scar arm lift) after Brachioplasty surgery

Is a No Scar Arm Lift Surgery Possible? Well no, all surgery leads to some type of scarring. The incision lines of bilateral arm reduction surgery (also known as Brachioplasty or Arm Lift surgery) are often long. Scars after arm lift surgery tend run along the inner arm from the armpit down to near the elbow, with some variations from patient to patient.

So what can be done to reduce the visible scars after an arm lift? Dr Barnett is an expert on precise placement of incisions for Arm lift patients.

Read below to find out more and request our new Arm Lift Surgery guide.

Real Patient Video Before and After Arm Reduction Surgery

Baggy, Saggy Arm Skin (“Wings”)

Many people want thinner, more sculpted arms, so if your arms are distressing you, you’re certainly not alone. You may be unhappy with the appearance of sagging upper arm skin that looks like “wings” or which makes a flapping sound when you move or exercise.  Sagging arm skin is especially common after bariatric surgery, significant weight changes or age-related hormonal changes that have impacted the skin and fat stores. If this leaves skin laxity and skin folds (hanging skin) where you feel it shouldn’t be, an arm lift/arm reduction procedure can help. But people are sometimes hesitant to get surgery because of the telltale scars.

Trade-off – thinner, firmer upper arms for scars?

It can be a trade-off, meaning you can get arms that fit more readily into clothing and don’t wobble as much after an arm reduction procedure, in exchange for inner-arm scarring. It’s an individual choice and depends on how much it bothers you.

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Arm Scars After Surgery: It takes 12-24 months for scar maturing and fading

Initially, the incision line scars are red and very noticeable for most patients. However, the scars are often not overly visible when a person has their arms by their side.  Scars will also mature significantly in about 12 months – at which time they often fade nicely to be less visible.  Patient results may vary, however, and some skin types are prone to more visible scars than other skin types. Dr Barnett can discuss your skin’s resiliency and healing capacities during a personal consultation (phone 88491444 during Clinic Hours to schedule a consultation or send in a form below).  His team also provides patients with a post-surgery Rapid Recovery pack including proven healing aids for your body and your skin.

Again, your health, lifestyle, skin condition and adherence to post-surgery advice will impact your scars from an arm lift, but here is how Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Geoff Barnett helps patients to end up with less visible scars.

Before and After Arm Lift Surgery By Dr Geoff Barnett – Melbourne

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Mr Barnett’s special scar treatment protocols for Brachioplasty Patients who have Arm Reduction Surgery

Many arm lift procedures involve pre-surgery liposuction, although this can vary.  Liposuction incisions are often very small in nature and are treated as required.  The incision line of no scar arm lift is the area where the excess skin or skin folds, along with excess fat, are surgically excised or reduced.

Arm lift surgery patients of Dr Barnett will be treated with his best-practice scar management for arm reduction surgery.

  1. Precision suturing without separate dermal layer of sutures
  2. Post-operative incision line (wound) taping (Dermabond Prineo) for four (4) weeks after surgery
  3. Compression garments for six (6) weeks after surgery
  4. Vitamin E Creme massage for six (6) weeks after the tape is removed
  5. To optimise healing or if the scar becomes hypertrophic, additional therapies might be recommended, such as:
    Healite II low-level light therapy and/or
    Fraxel, Silicone Gel/Compression, DermaPen (Micro-needling) or similar

“Don’t let the fear of scars frighten you away from having the surgery you’re wanting,” says Mr Barnett. “These days, there’s a lot we can do for you to keep scars to a minimum. Plus, I carefully place them so as not to be visible when your arms are by your side, both from the front and back views.”

Dr Barnett focuses his practice on body, face and breast surgery. He is passionate about helping patients with body contouring and skin fold reduction after weight loss or bariatric lap band/gastric banding or gastric balloon surgery.

About Dr Geoff Barnett

Dr Geoff Barnett Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Geoff Barnett MBBS (Melb), FRACS (Plast) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience and knowledge in plastic surgery procedures including Arm lift surgery.

If you are wanting to have smaller arms and less flabby upper arm skin through an arm reduction procedure, or if you have lost a lot of weight and have redundant skin folds, Dr Barnett can help you with your body contouring requirements.  Phone a caring Patient Care Coordinator during clinic hours on (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.  You are also welcome to attend one of our Free patient events.

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