Man Boobs? : Are you a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction?
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Man Boobs – Do You need Male Breast Reduction?

Posted on: August 12th, 2019
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Man Boobs – Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynaecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction Surgery) is a popular surgery for men who want a flatter, smoother looking chest contour.  This is the SECOND part of a 2-part blog series on male breast reduction surgery for Gynaecomastia by Dr Geoff Barnett, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne.

Man Boobs in Australia: Prevalence and Surgery Treatments

As you read in the first Blog on the topic of man boobs, many men in Australia have enlarged or puffy-looking breast tissues.  They often want to get a flatter, more sculpted or more traditionally masculine looking chest again. Where other treatments such as medication changes and weight loss have not succeeded to reduce the moobs, Plastic Surgery can help.


Here’s an overview of what to consider if you’re wanting to have Male Breast Reduction Surgery to reduce enlarged, swollen-looking lumpy or protruding breasts tissues.

Quality Of Life – Impacts of Having Enlarged Male Breasts

Having enlarged or protruding man boobs is not uncommon.  Some men aren’t troubled by them, but many men feel self-conscious about their ‘moobs’. If you’re reading this blog it is likely that you, or someone you know, has enlarged or puffy nipples and breast tissues rather than a flatter-looking chest.

Are you wanting to do something to remedy your ‘man boobs’?


  • Do you feel embarrassed to display your chest?
  • Do you feel unable to wear trendy, close-fitting ‘fashion shirts’ commonly worn by younger males?
  • Do you feel limited in what you can comfortably wear and look good in?
  • Do you think having large male breast tissues impacts other’s perceptions of your fitness levels or fashion style (or lack thereof)?
  • Do you cover up your upper body even in summer, to try to hide your “moobs?”

Approximately 1 in 3 to up to 25% of adult men may have enlarged breast tissues.

Some men even avoid relationships out of self-consciousness about their chest appearance.

Gynaecomastia Surgery by Dr Barnett can help you get flatter chest contours back again.

Download our Male Breast Reduction Guide

Male Breast Reduction Guide Download

There are some non-surgical options that should be tried first, such as medication changes and nutritional changes, avoiding substances linked with Gynaecomastia and making sure your hormones are in balance.  Weight gain may also be a factor. But for many men, the best solution will end up being a surgical one; long-lasting and resulting in a better quality of life by providing men with the emotional freedom to go shirtless again, without feeling overly self-conscious or being subjected to hurtful comments. (Remember the Jerry Seinfeld Show’s “man bra” episode about the BRO?)

To better assess if you’re a good candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery, however, you will need to arrange a personalised consultation with Dr Barnett to discuss:

  • Gynaecomastia types and symptoms
  • Potential surgery results as well as surgery risks
  • Customisation of your procedure
  • Recovery and healing protocols
  • Scar Minimisation Treatments (scars usually minimal for most patients).gynaecomastia surgery melbourne for a masculine chest versus moobs gynecomastia surgery

If you’ve read the first part of this blog, you’ll know the common contributors to Gynaecomastia, and you’ll have read about the non-surgical approaches that might help. You’ll also know that male breast reduction surgery is often the best option when other approaches have failed to yield results.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery can help you regain a more traditionally masculine chest contour.

However, surgery to smooth, flatten or contour the breast area is NOT a replacement or substitute for healthy living – and your result will depend on what you’re starting with in terms of fitness, skin health and your physique.

And it will not leave you looking like a body builder (unless you actually ARE one). So be sure you keep your expectations realistic and recognise that what you start with WILL have an impact on your surgery results.

Criteria for considering Male Breast Reduction surgery- are you a Good Candidate for Gynaecomastia Surgery in Melbourne?

You may be a good candidate for surgery if:

  • You’ve tried non-surgical options but found them unsuccessful (e.g., changing your medications, improving your lifestyle, adjusting gym supplements, cutting out alcohol or other substances, and changing a diet that is high in soy milk or other soy products).
  • You experienced persistent enlarged male breasts for 12-18 months despite conservative treatments.gynaecomastia surgery melbourne for man boobs, male breast reduction surgery
  • You are otherwise in good health and a non-smoker.

Keep your expectations realistic if you are considering Male Breast Reduction Surgery and remember that patient results will vary from patient to patient.

If you are overweight but stable and at a healthy enough weight to have surgery, surgery can help.

But sometimes you will need to get your weight down first and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ask our Patient Care Team for details and they can also suggest a weight-management program by Dr Arun Dhir.

Are you at a Good, Healthy Weight but still have enlarged Man Boobs?

IF you are otherwise lean and frequently in the gym, but still plagued by a fatty-looking or puffy looking chest or nipple area, surgery can certainly make a natural looking yet subtle difference.

Even body builders and gym-junkies sometimes find they have more fat in their chest area than they would like.

An Before and After Photograph example of a patient who was very fit, but who wanted flatter chest contours, is shown below.


*Disclaimer: Your results are going to vary from another individuals results.  Be sure you understand that there are many different body types and even different aspects to Gynaecomastia.  Communication will be paramount about what to expect, how to get the best results from your surgery experience, and what it is you’re hoping to achieve.

Dr Geoff Barnett will help you understand what Gynaecomastia surgery can – and cannot – achieve.

Remember, every patient is different, and results vary from patient to patient.

But what we hear from Gynaecomastia Surgery patients is that they are often thrilled to find the freedom to take their shirts off for the first time in years, and not feel self-conscious about their chest appearance.

They also report that they are now able to wear the newer fashions such as tighter fitting shirts or jackets, and that this gives them an enhanced sense of style or confidence as well as having a flatter chest when they take their shirts off or go for a swim.

Ready to get started?

  • Are you willing to take the time to learn about the surgery including risks and recovery periods?
  • Are you keen to schedule your operation, and able to take adequate time to recover in order to get a flatter looking chest that appears more traditionally masculine?
  • Are you wanting to ensure you’re in skilled hands with a Surgeon who aims to give patients care excellence at all stages of the surgery process?

If you believe you’re a good candidate for surgery and want to explore your surgical options for Gynaecomastia, please contact us by sending in an enquiry form or phoning us during Clinic Hours on (03) 8849 1467