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What Happens After Losing Weight?

Posted on: February 24th, 2020
losing weight losing weight

Losing weight is high on New Year’s Resolution lists. But for many people who suffer a gym membership and better nutrition may not enough.

A number of individuals with long-term obesity end up with few options other surgery or a highly regimented nutrition and exercise program.

Recent statistics indicate that lap band surgeries are amongst the fastest growing surgeries in Australia. These surgeries save lives, but there’s a downside to these bariatric surgery procedures. Significant weight loss often leaves saggy, excess hanging skin, which is prone to infection. This can often cause physical pain and psychological discomfort.

If you’ve recently lost significant weight, you might find you’re dissatisfied with your post-weight loss appearance. This is because your skin hasn’t ‘bounced’ back to your now-slimmer body shape. You may feel your body shaping journey is not yet complete.

Body Lift Plastic Surgery After Losing Weight

But that’s where Body Lift Plastic Surgery can help you regain normal contours after significant Weight Changes. “These excess skin folds can deter people from fully participating in all aspects of their lives,” remarks Dr Barnett. “They may want to swim or go to the beach. But they feel self-conscious about how their excess skin or skin folds will look in more revealing clothing.”

Loose, Excess Skin After Losing Weight

Unfortunately, patients do not always realise excess skin occurs after weight loss. “Many of my body lift surgery patients tell me they wished they were better prepared for what happens after significant weight loss,” notes Dr Geoff Barnett.

“And excess skin can be far more noticeable in certain areas of the body than in other areas.

arm reduction losing weight

“It is quite variable from person to person,” continues Dr Barnett. “But it can have substantial impacts on a person’s confidence or choices of clothing. It even tends to impact a person’s relationships, and physical intimacy levels. They may not feel comfortable having others see baggy excess skin.”

Have you or someone you know been left with excess skin folds after weight loss?

If you’re considering plastic surgery after your significant weight loss, Dr Geoff Barnett is available to discuss your options.

“The main thing to know is that losing weight alone doesn’t always restore a natural body shape. One surgery may not be enough to get you the look you are aiming for. A body lift is actually often a combination of procedures. It might be a lower or upper tummy tuck, along with a back lift, breast lift, arm lift or thigh lift. Even a face or neck lift.

“For some patients, it may require only one scheduled surgery day. But for most post-bariatric patients, it may require two of more separate surgery days spread out over a period of time. Maintaining a stable weight and getting good nutrition is essential, also; and knowing how to optimise your healing is often very helpful.”

losing weightAbout Dr Barnett

Dr Geoff Barnett is a highly-experienced, renowned Plastic & Reconstructive Australian Surgeon who is based primarily in Hawthorn (Melbourne, Victoria). He is our team’s leading body lift specialist. He performs body lift and rejuvenation surgeries on men and women. Dr Geoff Barnett and his elite surgical support team treat numerous patients who have turned their lives around after losing weight. Contact us today for further information.