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    Deciding to have a cosmetic surgery and choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon can be a significant decision. Mr Geoff Barnett is a highly qualified, experienced Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgeon. It is important that you have a clear understanding of the nature of your procedure and ensure you choose a Surgeon who is fully qualified and trained to the highest standards. Read more about the type of Surgery that Dr Barnett Performs.

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Dr Geoff Barnett Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Geoffrey Barnett RETIRED in November 2021.

If you need cosmetic or plastic surgery, there are 4 experienced Plastic Surgeons at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery.

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Dr Barnett’s Medical Experience

Dr Geoff Barnett Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Geoff Barnett is an established, highly experienced plastic surgeon. He is also known for his caring manner and excellent patient care ethics. As a result, he is easy to talk to and takes the time to listen to what you want. Dr Barnett also explains procedures in easy-to-understand language, helping you know what to expect from your procedure.

Dr Barnett has decades of expertise in performing corrective and reconstructive plastic surgery. As a result, Dr Barnett offers custom pre-operation planning and high-quality post-operation patient care. He also offers ‘Light Touch Healite’ recovery facilitation for facelift procedures, abdominoplasty and arm reduction surgeries. This involves using state of the art low-level light therapy to help you recovery comfortably. It also helps minimise your surgery scars and love your new body!

Rejuvenation and Contouring Specialist

In addition to focusing on facial rejuvenation procedures such as natural-looking facelift surgery, Dr Barnett also dedicates his surgical expertise to customised body contouring procedures and breast enhancement. These procedures can help balance out the upper body curves and reduce heavy or sagging breasts. As a result, this increases the comfort of the patient, potentially helping to reduce neck pain, shoulder and back pain and/or skin ptosis.

Dr Geoff Barnett is one of Melbourne’s leading, specialist Plastic Surgeons. He specialised in:


Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

He also regularly performs male breast reduction surgery for men suffering from Gynaecomastia. Dr Barnett performs complex abdominoplasty surgery for both men and women (tummy tuck surgery), belt lipectomy, body lift, arm reduction and other body contouring procedures. These are ideal for post-pregnancy and post-weight loss patients. His focus procedures also include liposuction and internal muscle corrections in the core region of the abdomen (diastasis recti corrections).

Weight Loss Body Contouring

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Many bariatric surgery patients and post-weight loss patients are left with excess skin or diet-and-exercise resistant areas of fat. Dr Barnett helps patients correct their body contours where redundant skin folds cause recurring health issues.

Post-weight loss patients also often require breast lift or facelift and neck lift procedures to complete their post-weight loss transformation.  

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Eyelid rejuvenation surgery is also available to help reduce eyelid ptosis and restore a more youthful, rested look. If you are wanting your nose reshaped, ask Dr Barnett about his rhinoplasty options for nose reshaping (commonly called a ‘nose job’) which can harmonise the face, reduce a nasal bridge hump or nose bump or correct breathing issues common after a facial or nose injury such as occurs frequently on sporting grounds.

Leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Dr Geoff Barnett is a highly qualified and experienced specialist plastic surgeon (FRACS, ASAPS), consulting and operating in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Dr Barnett is also passionate about getting patients upper arm reduction results using arm lift procedures and thigh reshaping and sagging skin reductions with a thigh lift procedure. As a result, Dr Barnett is sought by residents from all over Victoria, including Melbourne, Lilydale and surrounding suburbs, for his quality care approach to facial, breast and body surgery and his dedicated post-weight loss procedures.

How to Choose your Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures and Breast, Face and Body Contouring

If you’re wanting an experienced and highly qualified (FRACS) Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is caring, empathetic, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about cosmetic procedures, look no further than Dr Geoff Barnett. He is one of Melbourne’s most established Specialists for Plastic Cosmetic Surgery of the breast, face, nose and body.

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Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Geoff Barnett, Hawthorn East

Dr Barnett’s beautiful cosmetic & plastic surgery consulting rooms are particularly convenient for Melbourne patients.

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure for rejuvenation, correction or enhancement and want further information? Send an enquiry form today or phone during Clinic Hours on (03) 8849 1444.

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